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Introducing "BOTTUMZUP"

Our answer to females in season,
incontinence, dogs that mark and
security when dogs are away from home.

Don't set yourself and your furkids up
for failure.   Sanitary products will save
you from getting frustrated and your pooch
will appreciate your understanding.

Each is made with flannel lining and
an extra panel in a strategic location so to
make them more absorbent.

Velcro fastens them in place to make
placement secure.



Big Gurlz Pantiez

Up to 12" waist - $12

12.5 to 17.5" waist - $15
18 to 25" waist - $18

25.5 to 30" waist - $22
30.5-35" waist - $25


Big Boyz Cumberbunz

Up to 14" waist - $5

14.5 to 19" waist - $6
19.5 to 25" waist - $8

25.5-30" waist - $10
30.5-35" waist - $12

Additional Fabric choices

I have dozens of different fabric choices. Let me know what you would like and I'll send you a picture of what I have that would match.

Ordering instructions

Email me: rosy@keeshonddore.com
Provide me:
  1. Breed of dog
  2. Waist measurement
  3. Color Choice
  4. Address to ship to
Paypal invoice will be sent when request is received. Shipping fees will be added (usually $3-$6 depending on weight).
Will ship within 5 days of receiving payment.
I will scan a sample of any fabric you choose so that you confirm that it is what you like. More prints are available, just let me know if you are looking for something else. All fabrics are machine washable.
Line/air dry.

Hotels have odors that only our furry friends
can smell. These special, custom made
"Bottumzup" styles are meant be in place so that
liquid cleanups are as easy as changing a pad.

Visit friends with the confidence that your
companion will not shorten your friendly

As dressy as red sequins and as casual as
denim prints. You chose the design that fits
your personality.

Remove them from your dog when they are going outside.
They are not meant to be used in place of allowing your dog to go outside to
do their business. They are meant to protect your flooring and furniture while the dog is in the house.


Bottumzup Accessories

Crate Covers & Crate Pads

Your Cost :

10-25L - $25 set (individually - cover $20 & pad $10)

26-32L - $35 set (individually - cover $25 & pad $15)

33-36L - $45 set (individually - cover $30 & pad $20)

37-40L - $55 set (individually - cover $35 & pad $25)

41-44L - $60 set (individually - cover $40 & pad $30)

45-50L - $75 set (individually - cover $50 & pad $35)

  • Send your crate measurements (LxWxH) in inches, to make sure you have a perfect fit as crate manufacturers and styles can vary.
  • State your fabric color/print choice (sequins not an option for crates covers and pads)



Treat Bags / Bait Bags $3


Poo Bag Holders - $3


Hair Scrunchie- $3


Neck Cooler

2" wide - $5
4" wide - $7


Fabric and Items are in a smoke-free home.

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