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Gracie 06 Oct 2001 - 13 Aug 2012

Gracie was added to the family when Jazi was 2. Jazi would bark at me everytime I left for work and it always felt like she was saying "Don't leave me! I get lonely without you." So I started looking for another furbaby. After looking for several months, I never found a keesie so I started looking at sheltie puppies. On the day before I was supose to put the deposit on my sheltie that I settled on a friend told me about an add in the newspaper that someone was advertizing a 6 month old keesie. I called them and made an appointment to visit. I found a beautiful girl that was spending too much time in her crate and her human family knew that they had to do the right thing and find a different solution. That was March 21, 2002. Since then we have been family. The first picture was taken on the night she came home to me. She found a yucca plant and started chewing. She was quite a character. She thought she is in charge of everyone including me. We have had several discussions about this but she still was my Little Miss Bossy Pants until the very end.





Gracie fell victim to Masticatory Myositis at the age of four. Towards the end, it spread to her esophagus and developed into Mega Esophagus. My brother built her this chair so that she could eat and try to keep food down. It took her about a week to get the hang of it.
When we went to Advanced Animal Care of Colorado, Dr Steyn put her on oxygen. She was able to breath much better for a short time. She felt so good that she relaxed and fell asleep. We didn't have the heart to wake her up so she took a short nap.
She is now at the Rainbow Bridge, reuinted with the Jazi and Adonis where they are free from their earthly bodies and running, jumping and playing. Free from pain, with all the others that went before them.


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